KICC Deacon/Church Staff Scholarship
Without the countless hours that volunteers and leaders pour into ministry, many people would not hear about the wonderful good news. For those who want to grow deeper in their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word so that they can then lead in His church, we want to offer a KICC Deacon/Church Staff Scholarship of $100 to help get started with The King is Coming College. Whether you fit in your studies around another career or are devoting your time fully to the ministry, we want to help you as you minister to others.

Please fill out the form below to receive your scholarship discount code. You will need to copy the code to use when you are ready to checkout. The scholarship code is only good for the Four Course Biblical Studies (Full Package) or the Bible Survey Course. Get your KICC Deacon/Church Staff Scholarship now! (This discount code may not be used with any online only version(s) of these courses.)

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