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Student Testimonials
I received my Biblical Studies Diploma yesterday; it made me cry, it is so beautiful with the gold seal and blue ribbon. I just can’t tell you how long I have wanted to go to Bible College, but it was so costly, that I could not afford it. Now thanks to KICC, I now have a Diploma 🙂 I am also truly thankful for the affordability of the Courses that KICC has offered. They made…
Donna / Front Royal, VA
“My wife and I are enjoying our Bible courses!”
Dave / Corvina, CA
“I have really enjoyed this study and have learned so much I didn’t know. Now on to continue to apply its principles to my life and to share with others. The services you are providing is a great work unto the Lord in helping spread the Good News.”
Kevin S. / North Carolina
“Dr. Ed Hindson is one of the few Pastors who preach the Bible with passion and with focus on the coming of the Lord. I enjoyed the courses very much.”
Dr. I Bombil / Alberton, South Africa
“The “Revelation: How it all Ends” course of study was very enjoyable, and now on to the prophecy class!”
James / Langhorne, PA
“My husband and I are currently studying the Foundation of Bible Prophecy series. I feel Dr. Hindson’s vast Biblical knowledge and insight, partnered with his presentation, has provide me with the most complete and comprehensive Bible study on this subject. I look forward to each week’s study, and can honestly say I learn something new and challenging with each study.”
Janis / Covina, CA