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“Come with me on an exciting journey through the Bible!” –Dr. Ed Hindson

Do not miss this chance to earn your Diploma in Biblical Studies and learn about topics such as Old and New Testament, Apologetics and Systematic Theology.

Understand the Bible from one of the world’s best prophetic teachers through each course:

Bible Survey: In just twenty ten 30-minute lessons with Dr. Hindson, this survey course is designed to lay a foundational understanding of Scripture via a historical survey of the Old & New Testaments. The student will engage a range of learning activities related to the issues interacting with biblical literature, basic hermeneutical principles, key themes and persons of the canon, and the redemptive theme of Scripture.

Apologetics: In twelve easy-to-learn 30-minute lessons with Dr. Hindson this course surveys the basic issues in apologetics such as apologetic method, the biblical basis for apologetics, and the relationship between faith and reason. Then it turns to consideration of various apologetic issues, including the inerrancy of the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the existence of God. Finally, the student will be exposed to major worldviews extant today and will consider responses to modern apologetic challenges to Christianity, such as postmodernism, and religious pluralism.

Systematic Theology: In twelve dynamic 30-minute lessons, Dr. Hindson presents an in-depth study of how to lead people to Christ. Special attention will be given to the theology of all aspects of evangelism including the follow-up. Various methods of approach and presentation will be considered. Emphasis will be placed on evangelism and the local church for conservation of results. Its purpose is to train the student to evangelize and to equip others for evangelism in today’s culture, a skill especially needed by students studying for vocations in church and para-church ministries.

These course of materials include: ALL Four Study Guide Notebooks, ALL Four Lesson Books, ALL Four Transcripts, 4 Course Final Quiz Booklets, DVD disks for ALL the lessons, and ALL computer CDs!

Upon completion of all four courses, you will receive a Diploma in Biblical Studies from The King is Coming College!

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Student Testimonials
I really enjoyed his class. His video series, made the class come alive.
Raymond / Lubbock, TX
I really enjoyed the study!
Dean / Myrtle Beach, SC
Dr. Ed Hindson is a man of God that I’ve learned a lot. I would recommend The Foundations of Biblical Studies and Prophecy Courses to anyone.
Samuel / Marion, Indianna